Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ideas for lunches for Kiran

With a vegetarian toddler starting day care soon, I worry about packing healthy lunches for him! So I am going to list as many lunch ideas as I can so I don't worry so much:

1. Tofu fried rice
2. Egg fried rice.
3. Goop rollups on corn tortillas with salsa/yogurt dipping sauce and avocado
4. hummus, pita, and (steamed?) carrot sticks.
5. Bean, cheese, and red pepper quesadillas with salsa/yogurt dipping sauce and avocado
6. Mac and cheese with peas and tofu (or without)
7. Pasta with red sauce and edamame on the side (or mixed in)
8. Egg salad sandwich
9. Tofu salad sandwich
10. peanut butter and jam/banana/fruit sandwich
11. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich
12. Bean burgers!

 okay that's all I got.

Some things to try making:

I will add others here as I find them!!

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