Friday, June 21, 2013

How the Tropizenne turned out

I know all of my avid readers are waiting with baited breath to find out how the Tropizenne, the fancy French dessert I was planning to make for a dinner party a couple months ago turned out.

Well this is how I had imagined it would turn out:

Note the delicious brioche bread, perfectly luscious pastry cream, with chunky sugar on top. MMMM.

To make a long story short, this is how my tropizenne actually turned out:

Turns out I should have been way more worried about the pastry cream than about the brioche, but live and learn. I had the pastry cream leaking out all over the place, and I had a pot luck to attend in about 20 minutes! So what did I do?

Make trifle! What I did was demolish the tropizenne and added in layers of whip cream and raspberries. It tasted so good and I think everyone at the party loved it. I sure did!

Moral of the story: There's nothing a little whip cream and raspberries won't fix.

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