Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ethiopian red lentils, or misir wot

We love Ethiopian food, yesterday I tried to make misir wot, since I had some red lentils and homemade berbere spice mix to use up. My homemade Berbere was really bad, way too cinammon-y and it just about ruined my dish. I don't want to name names, because I like most of her other recipes I have tried, but don't trust white midwestern vegan bloggers if you want an authentic spice mix from Africa. Next time I will buy some berbere!

But this method for making the dish (from a different blog) was great, I think once I get my hands on some good berbere this will make some excellent ethiopian red lentils. I went looking for the recipe to blog it and I almost couldn't find it again! I am making a mental note to blog recipes I want to keep right away next time!!

Misir Wot
from this link


-- 2 onions, finely minced (food processor is easiest)
-- 3-5 cloves minced garlic (or 2 Tbsps)
-- 1 T. minced ginger
-- 3 T. berbere (Ethiopian spice mix, you can try making it yourself from recipes online or buy in specialty stores/online)
-- 1/2 c. - 2/3 c. crushed tomato (from a can, or peel and puree one yourself)
-- 1 cup dried red lentils
-- 1/2 cup vegetable oil
-- 4 cups water
-- 1/2 t. salt (if your berbere doesn't already have salt in it!)
-- 1/2 t. cardamom (I didn't include this because my spice mix was already wacked)


1. Get all those ingredients pre-minced and measured before you start. (esp the water, as you will add it in bits and it’s hard to keep track of how much you’ve put in. measure it out in a bowl and take some as needed.)  
2. Heat stew pot over medium heat. Add minced onions dry, no oil in pan. Stir and cook for 5-6 minutes, 
3. add in garlic and ginger. Saute sans oil another few minutes. 
4. Add oil; after 1 min. stir in berbere.
5. Simmer, stirring often for 15-20 minutes, should resemble a paste. If starting to get too thick/stick, add a little water form the bowl you premeasured, no more than 1/4 cup. 
6. Add in tomato. 
7. Rinse lentils in fine mesh colander under hot water.
8. Add lentils to onion and cook while stirring for ten minutes. 
9. Add water 1/2 cup at a time over the next 15 minutes. Once water is all added, lower heat and let simmer with lid on, stirring occasionally another 10 minutes. Test the lentils, you want it to be just a bit softer than chewy, not too mushy. 
10. Towards the end of the cooking add in salt and cardamom. 
11. While cooking the oil will rise ot the top. Stir it all in. 
12. Let cool for a few minutes and serve with the traditional sourish Ethiopian bread, injera, if you are lucky enough to have some. Or pita if that's what you have. Rice would work too. I ate some with potato chips last night. It's a free world.

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