Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nicoise Salad

Today I made a version of this Nicoise salad with stuff we had on hand from the farmers market:

-- no tuna
-- no green beans
-- added in cooked beets and cucumbers
-- arugula as the salad greens
-- also added a plop of cooked dandelion greens our 80 year old Greek neighbor Harriet gave to us. I love having Harriet as our neighbor, she has lived in the house next to us for 50 years or more and sometimes comes out to chat when we are working in the yard. She is always full of conversation and advice on plants and food and often shares some of her bountiful and beautiful garden with us. I will put her dandelion greens recipe up one of these days, it is good and not too bitter.  

It was just the best day ever today. I feel very thankful. After a long wet spring and a longer wetter winter, summertime is finally here, we have such good neighbors and are lucky to enjoy good health and a salad full of farmer's market and Harriet's yard's goodness. The dressing was terrific and Mahesh poured the leftovers on some indian potato curry he had made: so good!

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Krys said...

Sounds yummy and yay for the best day ever!